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L.A. Weekly's 99 Essential Restaurants: A Love Letter to Los Angeles from Shannon Cottrell on Vimeo.

Los Angeles has always been a city of neighborhoods, a metropolis with no one agreed-upon center of life and commerce. Rather, the city is a grouping of enclaves as distinct from one another as the countries of Europe. Yet despite being a city of neighborhoods, this has not traditionally been a city of neighborhood restaurants. This is the third year I’ve overseen L.A. Weekly’s 99 Essentials issue, and each year it gets both easier and harder— harder to decide what gets struck from the list in order to make room for new restaurants. But each year the 99 Essentials really need to reflect where L.A. is right now. Read the full story from L.A. Weekly Food Critic Besha Rodell at: L.A. Weekly's 99 Essential Restaurants, a Love Letter to Los Angeles.

How Cosplayer Rana McAnear (Face of Samara in Mass Effect), Transforms at Comic-Con from Shannon Cottrell on Vimeo.

Making a Ballet Tutu: Beauty Emerges in Time Lapse from Shannon Cottrell on Vimeo.

The ballet tutu is gorgeous, a "pancake" style skirt that will jut out from a the dancer's body. Master seamstress Sara Bacon creates a fantasy costume with ten rows of dense ruffles that transform a beautiful girl into a ballerina. It takes 60 hours or more to create a tutu, using techniques preserved from the 1800s.

Morrissey Karaoke Thrives in Boyle Heights from Shannon Cottrell on Vimeo.